August 31, 2016


2016 Fall TV Preview: 28 Must-See Shows

#1'You’re the Worst'

Season 3 premiere: Wednesday, Aug. 31 on FXX

You’re the Worst is seemingly a raunchy drinking comedy from the outside, but inside you’ll find an all-too-real love story about two kinds of fucked-up people just trying to make it work. Season 2 offered the most honest depiction of depression possibly ever seen on TV, and Season 3 adds the wonderful Samira Wiley, otherwise known as Poussey Washington on Orange Is the New Black, as a steadfast therapist. We’re looking forward to seeing how this show can continue to make us cackle one minute, tear up the next, and get lost in our ~feels~ once it’s all said and done. –Brooke Bunce

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