August 5, 2016


Love to Hate You: Our Favorite Comic Book Villains of All Time

#1​Green Goblin From 'Spider-Man'

There are a handful of notable villains in Marvel’s Spider-Man series, but the Green Goblin stands out because he is purely EVIL. His first appearance was in 1964’s The Amazing Spider-Man #14, and is most recognized in the film adaptations played by Willem Dafoe and Chris Cooper. The Green Goblin (a.k.a Norman Osborn) is the father of Harry, Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s close friend. But that bit doesn’t affect the soulless villain, as he befriended Spider-Man and his family before murdering his first love—Gwen Stacy. It’s definitely wicked, but oddly commendable. It doesn’t help that he’s a slick businessman when he takes off that frightening green mask. —Bianca Gracie, Associate Writer

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