August 11, 2016


Fifth Harmony’s Ally Brooke Hernandez Discusses the ‘Whole New Energy’ of ‘7/27’ Era

Jatnna Nuñez for Fuse
Jatnna Nuñez for Fuse

Fifth Harmony has been enjoying a stellar year thanks to Top 40 hits like “Work From Home” and “All in My Head (Flex),” another Top 10 album with sophomore LP 7/27, and a huge headlining tour that represents the group’s first international outing. In the process, 5H has scooped up thousands of new fans through high-profile live and televised appearances, and championed their young fans in interviews and onstage.

Ally Brooke Hernandez is as thrilled as any of the Fifth Harmony members with how 2016 has been proceeding, and recently checked in from the 7/27 Tour to answer some of Fuse’s questions about this album era. Click here for more 5H tour info, and check out our Q&A with Ally below:

Fuse: How has the fan reaction to 7/27 been different than you expected?
Hernandez: The reaction to 7/27 has literally been like a volcano – it’s been so amazing. This is a new era for us and our fans expected that, but they didn’t expect what was to come so the actual reaction to the album and then of course our tour has been unbelievable. They are so excited and happy and it’s been really, really electric. It’s been really amazing and we’re very happy.

Describe how the concept of the “All In My Head (Flex)” video came together.
Well, we worked with Director X on our “Work from Home” video and we love him, so we worked with him again for “All In My Head (Flex).” We wanted an island-y, beachy kind of vibe and Director X executed that really well. We shot the video in Malibu – just having a fun beach party, hanging out and having a good time. We do some fun choreography on the rocks and in the sand. It’s really a feel-good, party type of vibe, so he really brought that to life.

What’s been the biggest change between promoting the first album versus the second album?
One of the biggest changes is that we’ve gained more fans, which is really incredible! And this was the first time we had a song go #1 which was “Work from Home.” We just feel like everything is bigger and better. Our concerts just have a whole new energy and atmosphere.  We kind of stepped everything up this time and the fan reaction has been incredible. 

We’ve also traveled to a bunch of different cities and countries that we have never been to before. We went to Japan, which was so incredible – it was a dream of ours, and we got so much love from everybody over there. We did a South American tour and were able to go to Argentina, Peru and Brazil (among others) which was so much fun. We also went to Australia and New Zealand, so we are definitely traveling a lot more than we did for the first album.

What’s it been like seeing your fan group grow month after month?
To see our fanbase grow has been something that’s really been amazing. We started off playing in malls in front of 200 people and we thought that was so amazing and so much fun… and now we are playing in arenas and amphitheaters! It’s surreal. We’ve just seen all over the world that our fanbase has gotten so much bigger. That has been so special to us because we worked our butts off these past four years, and we’ve gone through a lot. To see all that blood, sweat and tears become worth it (no pun intended!), I can’t even really describe it.

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