August 22, 2016


Frank Ocean's Mom Hints at 'Boys Don't Cry' Magazine Wide Release

D Dipasupil/FilmMagic
D Dipasupil/FilmMagic

Frank Ocean's 360-page Boys Don't Cry magazine, which includes a CD of his new album Blonde, has so far only been available via Saturday night pop-up shops in New York, London, L.A., and Chicago. It features contributions from Kanye WestLil B and Tyler, the Creator, among many others. And of course it's being resold; eBay has auctions rising to $405 and higher, plus Buy It Now listings asking for as much as $2,000 ("or best offer," but still).

But listen to Katonya Breaux—who is interviewed in the magazine and who is Frank Ocean's mom—and you might not have to consider funneling your rent money toward the hypebeast dream publication to end all hypebeast dream publications:

We're guessing the Boys Don't Cry magazine will see more pop-up shop distribution before it gets an available-for-all release, if that indeed ever does happen. Get a closer look at the project here, then check out our track-by-track analysis of Blonde, our complete guide to the album, and this fun 2013 BRIT Awards interview with the man of the hour himself: