August 2, 2016


HyunA Returns With Genre-Bending Club Banger 'How's This?': Watch the Video

After seeing the unfortunate disbandment of 4Minute in June, fans were left wondering what the members' next moves would be as HyunA stayed with record label Cube Entertainment, while the other left the company. We soon learned HyunA would be making the first post-4Minute move via a solo release, "How's This?"

The new song is a typical club banger that one would expect from the K-pop scene, meaning it isn't typical at all and moves through different genres and vocal deliveries over a pounding beat. The track opens with HyunA chanting over a trendy saxobeat, but it isn't long before she's rapping over a West Coast–inspired hip-hop beat then closes the track with a dark, lo-fi breakdown. It's all tied together though with the starlet's signature, sassy talk-rap style.

The music video also skews towards your typical club banger visual, but what we love in this video is the diverse cast of different people and body types showcased. Most K-pop videos have nearly everyone's bodies looking the same, but "How's This?" spotlights those who are light, dark, skinny, curvy, all getting down to shake at a club a little more inclusive than your usual K-pop spot. While not every body type is being embraced here, it is a step in the right direction to see people jiggling a little bit more in a K-pop video. Also, shout-out to HyunA bringing back the Von Dutch hats (for one video shoot at least).

"How's This?" is the lead single from HyunA's new A'Wesome EP. The release marks the most involved the star has been in a release, with HyunA writing on multiple tracks including "How's This?"

Watch HyunA's labelmates BToB talk about their time in New York and the current status of Cube Entertainment below: