August 6, 2016


So, Is Frank Ocean's Album Coming on November 13?

S. Savenok/Getty Images
S. Savenok/Getty Images

Everyone including The New York Freakin' Times thought for sure Frank Ocean was going to drop his long-awaited sophomore album Boys Don't Cry this summer after teasing a July 2016 release date, followed by The Times reporting a source telling them the LP was set to come exclusively on Apple Music on Aug. 5. Neither things happened and everyone's more or less resided to impatiently wait despite there still being one major clue to the LP's release date.

While most looked at Ocean's previously unveiled "Due Date" card and saw the bright red July 2016 date jumping out at them underneath all the past dates, there is one more that we still have yet to reach. Subtly stamped in black is the date of November 13, 2016, which is probably our last hope of finding any semblance of a release date for Boys Don't Cry.

Did you miss it before? Take a look at the "Due Date" card again:


So far, Boys Don't Cry has been shrouded in mystery with only small details revealed here and there. 

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