August 17, 2016


Jared Leto Is Still Salty About the Joker Scenes Cut From 'Suicide Squad'

David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImage
David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImage

Jared Leto put a lot of work into his Suicide Squad character (if you somehow forgot, he embodied full Joker grossness when he sent condoms and anal beads to his coworkers), and it seems like he's a tad miffed that the Joker doesn't appear frequently in the movie.

Earlier this month, Leto started a BBC Radio 5 interview off by admitting that he hasn't seen the final cut of the movie, which reportedly ditched a lot of the scenes he shot. “Were there any that didn’t get cut?” Leto had said in an IGN interview. "If I did anytime soon, it'll probably surface somewhere."

Most recently, he reportedly said "Fuck 'em" at a Thirty Seconds to Mars event, when a fan brought up rumors that Warner Bros. wouldn't allow him to rock climb (his favorite activity) while filming. During that same event, he said that he felt tricked into the movie, which was pitched to him differently. All this comes from a fan video on a Tumblr dedicated to the actor.

We wouldn't be surprised if Leto was on the same side of the guy who wants to sue Warner Bros. over the lack of Joker in the Suicide Squad, too...

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