August 12, 2016


Jason Derulo's 'Kiss The Sky' Video Strangely Makes Hawaiian Shirts Sexy

I'm not one for hyperbole on the Internet, so I mean it when I say that Jason Derulo is Pop's Prince. The evidence? Reference his greatest hits collection, which celebrates his 11 multi-platinum hits. The latest addition is "Kiss the Sky," and its video hit on Thursday.

"Kiss The Sky" has "Want to Want Me" vibes with a fast-paced beat, that funk groove that Derulo's mastered in the past few years and—here comes the hyperbole—flawless vocals that glitter over a singable melody. Could "Kiss the Sky" get him another Top 10 hit? He already has six...

As for the video, it's a beachy romp, with Derulo busting out complicated choreography with hotel waitstaff all over the place. He even makes a Hawaiian floral shirt look sexy, which is like, wait, how?

Throwback video time! Watch Derulo talk to Fuse below: