August 24, 2016


John Krasinski Explains Why He Didn’t Play Captain America on ‘Conan’

We all know Chris Evans as Captain America within the Marvel film universe, but what if The Office’s John Krasinski had been the one swinging the shield for the Avengers? On Conan, Krasinski discussed the Thor-ny encounter that made him reconsider the role.

“I love those Marvel movies, I love superheroes, I love imagination,” Krasinski gushed. He went in for a screen test for the part of Captain America, and was pumped to suit up.

“I got about right to my waist, I was still shirtless, feeling pretty good about myself… and all of a sudden Chris Hemsworth walked by as Thor,” he recalls. “And he’s like, ‘Hey mate!’ And I went, ‘I’m good, this is stupid, I’m not Captain America.’”

Nothing like standing next to Chris Hemsworth to remind you that you are puny and not Australian! Check out these new STEAM-themed Marvel comic book covers, if you are or are not puny: