August 2, 2016


Twice on Their Debut U.S. Performance, 'New Generation' of Girl Groups: KCON 2016 Interview

Courtesy of CJ E&M
Courtesy of CJ E&M

In a remarkably quick amount of time, Twice has secured itself as one of the most talked-about and watched girl groups in K-pop despite less than a year on the scene. The nine-member act has scored more than 81 million views of the debut music video for "Like Ooh Ahh"—the most for any K-pop group's first visual on YouTube to date—nearly 68 million for follow-up smash "Cheer Up," plus landed loads of lucrative endorsement deals and attention in Korea. It very well makes sense that Twice's very-first U.S. performance would be at the famed Staples Center as part of KCON 2016 Los Angeles

Backstage at the arena, the ladies all looked like superstars in chic black-and-white dresses, though their rookie status was given away as they nervously looked to a manager for help with questions. Nevertheless, the members' individual charms all shined through, like how the curious Momo constantly peered over Jungyeon's shoulder during the interview or how the charismatic was Dahyun smiled to herself during the entire chat. Plus, Sana was adorably running a bit later than her members and ran past the door to the interview only to quickly realize her mistake and pivot mid-run—not easy in heels, mind you. Elsewhere, the likes of Chaeyoung and Tzuyu gave bright smiles the entire time.

Get to know the Twice ladies a little better in our interview below and check out all of Fuse's coverage from KCON 2016 right here.

FUSE: How's it been to traveling to Los Angeles? What have you done so far?
We went to Santa Monica, we ate smoothies, took photos...we danced! [Laughs]

Your debut single "Like Ooh Ahh" took a moment to become a hit, but "Cheer Up" was a huge hit from the start. What was it like watching such a big change in reaction? 
We debuted with a program called Sixteen and for that program we had different missions. Throughout those missions, we had a lot of different types of training, and the members got really close as well. So, our fans watched us throughout the show and afterwards supported us with "Like Ooh Ahh" and "Cheer Up," I think that's why we've been able to see our popularity grow. 

Speaking of Sixteen, a former contestant on the show Somi is here in Los Angeles too with I.O.I. Have you seen her?
We saw her in the morning! At the hotel today! [Laugh]

This is your first U.S. performance and it's here in the Staples Center. How are you feeling?
Yes, we are nervous because it's such a huge stage that we'll be on. Thanks for inviting us and we'll be putting on a great show. 

I feel like Twice is one of the leaders when they talk about the "new generation" of girl groups. What's your take?
Jeongyeon: Oh, thanks for considering us as a leader of the Korean girl groups. I know we have a lot of room to grow and we'll be putting our best efforts to be the leading role models people see us as.

What's coming up in the future? 
Just like our group name Twice—as we say, "Twice with the eye, twice with the ear"—we want to make "twice" as big of an impression on our fans. I know we're still growing and we want to work really hard to meet our fans' standards.

There a lot of different styles and personalities in Twice. How are you all going to show your individuality in the future?
Jeongyeon: As you can see, we all look different and every one of us have a very particular feature about us. Fans consider us to be very healthy [all bust out laughing] and that we portray a healthy message.

Do you have a message for your international fans?
Thanks for supporting, encouraging and loving us. We're going to give you all we have back to you. Keep on loving us. Thank you!

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