August 8, 2016


Kate Nash Gets Back to Pop: Listen to 'Good Summer'

Kate Nash is back! After taking some time to write for other artists (shout-out to Rita Ora's "Poison"), the British singer is ready to release more of her own music.

Nash dropped "Good Summer" today, and if you're expecting more of the riot grrl punk stuff from 2013's Girl Talk, turn around. The track is as pop as ever, including some subtle synths and a bouncy melody.

In an interview with Noisey, Nash explains that August is the perfect timing for the song, and that it reminds her of her beginnings in the pop music world, when she broke out with 2007's Made of Bricks:

"The reason I wanted to put it out first—well it was summer, so the timing—but second of all there's little things about the production that reminded me of pop indie 2007, so I thought it was a cool sound to come back with because it reminded me of things about the scene from that period of time."

And, to the delight of Nash fans, the singer also revealed that she's going to be releasing new music veeeery frequently in the next year. Woo!

"I just want people to know that I'm going to be releasing regularly—as of now I'm not going to have big breaks between songs, I'm going to release music every five to six weeks probably."

Watch our interview with Kate Nash from 2014's Coachella: