August 22, 2016


'Kidnap' Trailer: Halle Berry Gets Her Own 'Taken,' But With a Minivan

If you've been finding life a little too breezy and joyful to bear lately, here's a new trailer to take you down a peg. 

Kidnap, Halle Berry's first front-and-center movie role since 2013's The Call, will feature the actress as the mother of an elementary school–aged boy who gets abducted at a playground. Rather than being completely in the dark, though, Berry's Karla McCoy spots the kidnapping and chases the hell out of the license plate–less demons for possibly the duration of a feature-length film.

"Let me tell you something," she says in a voiceover as she whips her minivan in reverse on the highway. "As long as my son is in that car, I will not stop. Wherever you go, I will be right behind you."

Berry told USA Today that as a mother of an 8-year-old and a 2-year-old, the movie struck a chord. "Being a parent, I understood this in a very visceral way," she said. "I play an ordinary mom forced to act in extraordinary ways. I got to put in a little of what Halle Berry would do in this situation. That was fun."

Kidnap, directed by Luis Prieto and written by Knate Gwaltney, hits theaters Dec. 2.