August 2, 2016


Watch Lil Yachty Rap Over Beats by K-Pop Phenoms BIGBANG

As a festival like KCON this past weekend shows, K-pop fans are a diverse and proud community, and Lil Yachty just declared his love for one of the scene's biggest groups. 

The Atlanta rapper recorded a 20-minute tribute to BIGBANG to celebrate the act's 10-year anniversary. The silly but impressive video sees Yachty talking to cardboard cutouts of members G-Dragon ("My bro here looking down on the haters") and TOP ("my boy TOP is always at the T.O.P"). He then freestyles over productions of recent BIGBANG hits like 2015's "Bae Bae" and "Loser," and also threw it back to 2012's "Bad Boy," 2008's "Lollipop" and 2006's "La La La." All in all, it ends up sounding a bit like a hilarious mixtape thanks to the boy band's beats and Yachty's commentary.

Get to know BIGBANG a little better with our primer on the band when Fuse ventured to South Korea to visit members G-Dragon, TOP and Taeyang at the HQ of their record label, YG Entertainment:

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