August 11, 2016


'Suicide Squad's' Margot Robbie Will Play Lovelorn Trapeze Artist in 'Queen of the Air'

Fred Duval/FilmMagic
Fred Duval/FilmMagic

Despite playing supervillain Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, Margot Robbie may be taking on an even more dangerous role, as a lovelorn trapeze artist in an upcoming flick.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the Australian actress is set to star in a period love drama Queen of the Air, which is an adaptation of Dean N. Jensen’s book of the same name that told the story of 20th-century trapeze artist Lillian Leitzel. Leitzel was one of the biggest stars in the world when performing for the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. She was also known for her tragic love affair with fellow trapeze artist Alfredo Codona. 

Also really cool: THR notes that Leitzel had a signature move that "required her to dislocate her shoulder at every turn (she would do the move a hundred times) and had wrists that had been grooved from ropes." Um, we are so ready to see that on film.

Warner Bros. is producing Queen of the Air, though there is no director nor release date set. It marks yet another Warner Bros. project for Robbie after working on 2015's Focus, this year's The Legend of Tarzan, along with her star-making role in Suicide Squad.

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