August 16, 2016


Monica & Missy Elliott Create Their Own #SoGoneChallenge, Internet Dubs Them The Winners

Monica (@monicabrown on Twitter)
Monica (@monicabrown on Twitter)

Perhaps you've seen amateur rappers come out of the woodwork and post a #SoGoneChallenge, a Twitter trend that invites people to rap over Monica's 2003 hit, "So Gone." Perhaps you've seen a few bigger hip-hop stars take on the beat. And perhaps you've seen Chance the Rapper's take on the challenge, which had his girlfriend filming his sweet ode to her.

But Monica and Missy Elliott are here to make the challenge their own. Missy, who produced the original song, teamed up with Monica in the studio, and while they were there, they remixed their own song. Behold:

"'Memba that when I used to scrap / Used to had to wap a slap / All them chicks for talkin' smack / Monica will still snap / Kick down doors until my heels crack / Now I'm making racks while they rappin' on my old tracks," Monica raps.

Monica also tweeted that she's asking for more submissions, and that she'll be giving feedback on Wednesday. And of course, people are going nuts about her freestyle.

Check out just a few of the #SoGoneChallenge bars below:

Want more Missy? Good! Because we're pulling out this video from 2012, which has Missy talking about Timbaland: