August 4, 2016


Car Accident Leaves Rapper OG Maco With One Working Eye

OG maco (@ogxmaco on Instagram)
OG maco (@ogxmaco on Instagram)

A couple weeks ago, 24-year-old Atlanta artist OG Maco was in a serious car accident. "Multiple skull fractures, broken orbital (surgery next week), cracked vertebrae (surgery next week) and heart palpations," the "U Guessed It" rapper tweeted on July 24. "I feel ALIVE!!!" He also referenced Kanye West's classic "Through the Wire" line: "Thank God I ain't too cool for that safe belt."

Not long after, he started sharing a few pics and videos of himself wearing an eyepatch:

Now, for the fools who thought OG Maco was just trying to be a cool pirate type, he's shared an un-eyepatched photo showing a very clearly damaged eye, captioned:

"Y'all bastards had all these jokes like I really didn't lose a eye real quick. I don't mind. Just remember I never did a thing to you. 👌🏾 To see a world where the do-ers and dreamers are ridiculed more than losers and conformity is to worse than missing an eye."

He also shared the following video of himself back in the hospital, saying "We 'bout to go into surgery, get this eye back," so fingers crossed this was only temporary: