August 5, 2016


Will Orlando's Pulse Nightclub Be Turned Into a Memorial?

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer wants Pulse Nightclub, the scene of the horrific mass shooting that killed 49 on June 12, to remain how it is, he said in an interview on Wednesday, Aug. 3. The mayor suggested that the city buy the site, where many are leaving candles and posters to grieve those lost in the hate-driven attack.

"I think we need to determine some period of time that we leave it exactly as is with some adequate fencing because there will be people that want to travel here to see it as it exists," Dyer said.

After preserving the site, the mayor said that the city would "then make some determination, with a lot of input, on what a permanent memorial might look like."

The OnePulse Foundation, set up to support the families of the victims, confirmed to NBC that the club is closed for business and that the owners are interested in turning it into a memorial as well, but the owners did not directly comment on the mayor's intentions.