August 1, 2016


Check Out New Gameplay Features in ‘Pokémon Sun’ & ‘Moon’

Pokémon GO reinvigorated the Pokémon franchise, and the Pokémon Company has equally exciting gameplay planned with their forthcoming installment, Pokémon Sun and Moon

In May, The Pokémon Company shared a short trailer that revealed the new starter Pokémon for the Alola Region, where the game takes place. A newer trailer unveils even more gameplay options. A number of classic Pokémon (from when there were only 150) have revamped “Alola Forms.” For example, Pokémon favorites Vulpix and Ninetails now have Ice-type versions.

Additionally, six new Pokémon were presented and there’s a new game feature called Z-Moves, for Pokémona in battle. Pokémon Sun and Moon will be available on November 18 in the U.S., only on Nintendo 3DS.