August 3, 2016


Watch the Pokémon Theme Sung in 20 Different '90s Style

For all you '90s babies who live and breathe pop culture nostalgia, Anthony Vincent has the ultimate treat for you. The YouTube star, who is known for his Ten Second Songs series, has put a throwback twist on everyone's favorite song—the Pokémon theme.

The classic track (originally sung by Jason Paige in 1999) gets transformed into styles by popular '90s artists including Destiny's ChildBlink-182, Chumbawamba, Smash Mouth, Aqua, Marc Anthony and even Paula Cole, who voiced the Dawson's Creek theme.

Anthony Vincent has previously covered Katy Perry's "Dark Horse," Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" and Justin Bieber's "Sorry"—all in a variety of voices—but his spin on the Pokémon theme is his best thus far, especially considering the current Pokémon GO craze

For even more nostalgia, take this quiz to see how well you know the original Pokémon and watch our tribute to the Nintendo 64 console for its 20th anniversary below: