August 1, 2016


Orlando's Pulse Nightclub Plans Memorial for Victims

Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel/TNS via Getty Images
Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel/TNS via Getty Images

Owners of Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub began the onePULSE Foundation initially to financially support the victims of the June 12 shooting

Police have since given back the nightclub to its owner Barbara Poma. A week ago, an Instagram post made by the onePULSE organization erroneously suggested that the owner would reopen the nightclub as a memorial. Shown below, the statement implied that a “permanent memorial” would be placed “at the existing site of Pulse Nightclub.”

The fund is still seeking donations for a memorial. Sara Brady, a PR representative for the club, said in a statement (via NBC News): 

"OOPS! Looks like we got the media's pulse racing with an inadvertent Instagram posting that incorrectly stated the Pulse Nightclub was reopening as a memorial. As reported last week, the club remains closed for business, but Ms. Poma's desire is that someday a memorial be created at the site." 

The press release reiterated the Foundation’s intended purpose to “raise funds for victims of the June 12 tragedy,” and added, “as well as for a memorial.” To donate, visit onePULSE’s website.