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The 8 Grossest Moments From 'The Ren & Stimpy Show'

For the cartoon's 25th anniversary, we're looking back at all the times it made us gag

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Stimpy's "Magic Nose Goblins"

Boogers are a natural human occurrence, but The Ren & Stimpy Show decided to obnoxiously rub it in our face. In season one's "Nurse Stimpy" episode, Stimpy goes off to play with his "magic nose goblins." We quickly find out these are actually boogers that he wiped underneath a table. Yuck!

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Ren's Horrid Toothache

Being the disgusting person he is, Ren doesn't enjoy proper dental hygiene. In season two's "Ren's Toothache," we get up close and personal inside his filthy toothless mouth. This is a very good (and gag-inducing) reminder to ALWAYS brush your teeth. Just don't watch this episode while you're eating dinner.

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The Terrifying Self-Mutilating Jester

This one is just a form of sick, sick humor. The creators thought it was a good idea to have a random jester grate his skin clean off with a cheese grater. To top it all off, he rubs the fresh wound with lemon juice. Umm, why was this considered a children's show again?!

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That Unsettling Bath Scene

In season two's "Big Baby Scam," Ren and Stimpy trade places with babies—but it's not as precious as it sounds. One particular and triggering scene shows the two mates take a bath with grown adults.

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Ren's Kitty Litter Meal

Kitty litter is meant to collect excrement, but for some reason Ren thought it was a good idea to eat it. Watching him obsessively grind the infested litter in his mouth will never make you look at your cat the same way ever again.

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Stimpy and the Stinky Toe

This episode is probably the reason why I don't like feet! In sason four’s “Magical Golden Singing Cheeses,” Stimpy pries off a practically decaying toenail with a rusty crowbar, revealing the nastiness underneath. Ick!

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Ren Gets Stung by Bees

Ren drinking a flask filled with bees is already questionable enough, but the scene gets even more repulsive when they start attacking his tongue. A close-up shot of this action definitely wasn't needed!

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Ren & Stimpy "Sawing" Wood

This borderline-NSFW moment didn't appear on Nickelodeon, but on the spinoff Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon". The original show was nauseating enough, but they decided to up the explicit level with the new series. This infamous scene shows Ren trying to "saw" a piece of wood on Stimpy's back. The sexual groans, sighs and sweats are incredibly inappropriate. No wonder it only lasted for three episodes on Spike TV!


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