August 26, 2016


Rick Ross & Good Buddy Drake Haven't Spoken Since Meek Mill Beef

Johnny Nunez/WireImage
Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Drake and Meek Mill's (somehow STILL EXISTENT) beef put at least a couple of rap's biggest superstars in awkward positions. Nicki Minaj is Meek's partner, but she goes back further as Drake's Young Money label mate and collaborator. Rick Ross was supposed to make a mixtape, YOLO, with Drizzy, and they've done a bevy songs together, many of them classics—but Meek is on Ross' label.

Ross has commented on the situation before, saying he thinks it's natural rap beef and that Rihmeek's "my little brother" Aubrey's "my little homey." But things sound harsher today in a conversation with N.O.R.E and DJ EFN on their Drink Champs podcast (via Complex). Talking about the ghostwriting beef and whether Meek took a huge L last year, Rozay answered, "N---a ain't lose to nobody. Y'all better study the game and how the game goes." Elsewhere he added:

"Shit, we all rich n---as. Well, I know I'm a rich n---a. I know what Meek Mill getting. Everybody don't know what [Drake's] business like. I don't really know what's really touching the bank account."

He wasn't done, either:

"Just on some 1,000 shit, you either be a G enough to—whatever the issue is, n---as bring it to the table or you just let it go out of control and see what happens. I always been one of them n---s. So when I first spoke on it on The Breakfast Club, you seen I was obviously speaking in a peaceful tone. Because that's my way of telling n---as, 'Y'all n---as need to tighten up,' so n---as can get it right.' Because if you assuming a n----a respects whoever your big homie is, you're wrong."

At this past week's Summer Sixteen Tour stop in Meek's home city of Philadelphia, Drizzy called his former buddy a "pussy" during the diss track "Back to Back."

And what if things keep going—or get worse? "If it's gotta go there man," Ross told Drink Champs, "Renzel gon' jump off the porch on your ass. And that's just the way I always been, and I'mma die that way."

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