August 22, 2016


Thankfully, Rihanna Picked a Ballad as Her Next Single

Samir Hussein/Redferns
Samir Hussein/Redferns

Rihanna has picked her next single from ANTI, and to our delight, it's "Love on the Brain." Written by Fred Ball, Joseph Angel and Rih herself, the song is a waltz-tempoed ballad, which has Rihanna ad-libbing passionately and uncontrollably about the love that's on her mind.

The way we know Rihanna's next single is "Love on the Brain"? Well, Rih so subtly posted a performance of the song on her Instagram with the simple hashtag #nextsingle.

Get ready to her that gorgeously crackling voice on the radio — the same voice that Sia couldn't help but write about on Twitter on Friday:

"Must be love on the... bra-haaaaaain!"