August 24, 2016


'Rings' Trailer: Watch Samara Make a Chilling Return

Get ready for some familiar nightmares this fall, because Samara is making her return in the upcoming Rings film. Paramount Pictures' first trailer for the latest in the American horror franchise was revealed today, and it maintains the haunting thrill that we've become (kind of) used to.

It stars Matilda Lutz (Julia) and Alex Roe (who plays her boyfriend) as the newest victims of that hair-raising video featuring the ghost of Samara. The trailer follows Julia throughout the seven days (anyone who watches that distorted video dies a week later) as she tries to save her boyfriend who is obsessed with its subculture, as well as trying not to become yet another play toy of the afterlife.

Look out for Rings' premiere, which follows 2002's The Ring and 2005's The Ring Two, just in time for Halloween on Oct. 28. Keep those goosebumps rising by watching Rider Strong reveal his favorite horror movies below: