August 31, 2016


‘Shut In’ Trailer: Naomi Watts Is Haunted by ‘Room’s’ Jacob Tremblay

Jacob Tremblay, the 9-year-old co-star of Room, is way too precocious to play the de facto villain in a horror film, right? Guess again! Tremblay’s eerie presence haunts the first look of Shut In, an upcoming psychological thriller starring Naomi Watts.

The darkly lit trailer depicts a child psychologist who takes in a troubled young boy, only to have him disappear during a winter storm and presumably die. But wait…is he dead? Or is he terrorizing the psychologist and her paralyzed son? 

Here’s hoping Shut In drops some solid Room puns (“Go to your room!,” perhaps Watts shouts playfully at Tremblay) when the film arrives on Nov. 11. 

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