August 12, 2016


Simone Biles' Nike Ad Features Beyoncé's Coolest Song

Simone Biles is grabbing allll the gold and spreading fierceness around at the 2016 Olympic Games, so when we heard that Nike produced an ad with the Olympian featuring Beyoncé music, we immediately expected some "Run the World (Girls)" vibes.

But no, Biles' new commercial gets sentimental, tugging on your heartstrings to let the inspiration flourish. The gymnast's mother provides the voice over for the nearly four-minute spot, and the Bey song is no "Formation" or another rousing feminist anthem: It's "Jealous," from 2013's self-titled album.

It's an interesting track for an ad touting athletic gear, given that "Jealous" is all about sensing your partner's infidelity and feeling insecure. But the instrumental is nonetheless inspiring (my wishes are for it to be played at my funeral, but that's besides the point), and so is Simone.

So get silly and inspired, and if you need some muses, follow Biles and Knowles.