August 1, 2016


Slipknot Partner With Equality NC to Fight Bathroom Bill

Steve Jennings/WireImage
Steve Jennings/WireImage

Slipknot have announced that they have partnered with Equality NC, the LGBTQ organization that is working toward equal rights within North Carolina. 

In light of North Carolina passing HB2, known as the “bathroom bill,” which prohibits individuals from using public bathrooms that do not correspond to their sex assigned at birth, a number of musicians have expressed their disgust with the anti-LGBTQ implications of the law. A day before their scheduled concert in Charlotte, N.C., Slipknot have issued a statement on their social media explaining their hesitation to play in the state. The statement begins: 

“When we started this tour, we had reservations about playing in North Carolina because of a law recently passed there called HB2. The law halts the rights of LGBTQ people, doesn't allow for cities to pass a living wage for the working class.We believe that regardless of who you are, or what you believe in this country—and in our own metal community—that everyone should be given access to equal opportunities they need to succeed. This law flies in the face of those values”

Many musicians feel split on how best to provide support to North Carolina’s LGBTQ communities. Slipknot's note concludes, “We're coming to North Carolina to show our fans that they can make the difference needed to repeal this law and return their state to a place that welcomes everyone and values differences.” Read their full statement here

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