August 15, 2016


‘Stranger Things’ Bigger Than Marvel, ‘House of Cards’ on Netflix: Report


Stranger Things has been a runaway smash for Netflix, but since the streaming platform doesn’t release ratings, we don’t know exactly how much of a runaway smash it  is. Fortunately for us, SymphonyAM has been reporting rough Netflix numbers, and its latest data on the throwback sci-fi series indicates that it is already one of Netflix’s biggest properties.

SymphonyAM tells Business Insider that 8.2 million people watched Stranger Things in the first 16 days its debut season was available. That number is greater than the starts of Marvel shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, as well as staples like House of Cards and Narcos.

In fact, the only Netflix shows that outdid Stranger Things were Orange is the New Black and Fuller House. Of course, take these  numbers with a grain of salt, since Netflix has disputed the accuracy of SymphonyAM reports in the past.

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