August 31, 2016


‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Officially Coming in 2017: Watch The Teaser Trailer

Courtesy of Netflix
Courtesy of Netflix

It’s official: Stranger Things, the breakout television hit of the summer and one of Netflix’s biggest successes to date, is coming back with a second season in 2017. Netflix released the following teaser on Wednesday morning:

Are the phrases in the teaser the upcoming “chapters” of the next season? We’ve got “The Storm,” “The Palace,” “The Brain” and perhaps most intriguingly, “The Pollywog.” What does it all mean for our favorite characters in Hawkins? We’ll see next year.

An unconfirmed report posited that Stranger Things was bigger in its first month on Netflix than nearly every other show on the service, save for Orange Is The New Black and Fuller House. Co-creator Matt Duffer has stated that he hopes to see the young cast “growing up on camera” in upcoming seasons, so reasonably expect the return of Mike, Lucas, Dustin and (hooray!) Eleven.

Listen to the Back of the Class podcast talk Stranger Things at the 32:30-mark in the episode below: