August 12, 2016


‘Supergirl,’ ‘The Flash’ Teaming for Musical Crossover Episodes

Robert Voets/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc
Robert Voets/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc

With Supergirl jumping from CBS to the CW, it was only a matter of time before the DC show and The Flash entered each other’s universes on the newly shared network. But a musical crossover that will be spread over multiple episodes?! Now we’ve heard of everything!

Indeed, plans for a musical crossover were announced at the Television Critics Association press tour this week, and considering the musical backgrounds of Supergirl's Melissa Benoist and The Flash’s Grant Gustin, some superhero song-and-dance makes sense. Greg Berlanti, who executive produces both shows, said that he expects the two episodes to air in the “back half of the year.”

Sadly, Berlanti added that the musical eps are “going to be mostly preexisting songs,” as if the world isn’t thirsting for some solid FlashGirl jams. Where are Elton John and Tim Rice when you need ‘em?

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