August 10, 2016


New DC ‘Superwoman’ Series Begins With Shocking Death

DC Comics
DC Comics

DC’s new Superwoman comic series starts off with a bang…dispatching one of the most iconic characters in franchise history. Gonna drop a SPOILER ALERT right here if you haven’t already sniffed it out on the ‘net.

As confirmed in April, the New 52 version of Lois Lane became the new Superwoman, and in Superwoman #1, she’s receiving some pointers on her new powers from her frenemy Lana Lang. Turns out, Lang also possesses Superwoman-y abilities, albeit slightly different from Lois' (this Gizmodo post breaks down them specifically).

And then, we realize that there can only be one Superwoman, and Lois Lane is effectively killed by a new female villain in front of Lana Lang. Now, Lang is Superwoman, and Lois Lane is toast.

What happens next in the series? Before we find out, check out the first look of Superman in Season 2 of Supergirl.