August 9, 2016


Watch Taylor Lautner Try His Hardest Not to Talk About Taylor Swift

Werewolf Taylor Lautner joins the cast of Scream Queens for Season 2, and on Monday, he joined Lea Michele and John Stamos on a special Facebook Live to promote the premiere on Sept. 20. But things got personal very fast when Michele started grilling Lautner about his past girlfriends and Stamos went through his phone to brag about all his celebrity contacts.

The shenanigans start at 9:23, with Lautner's castmates prodding him to reveal which song ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift wrote about him.

"Didn't she write a song about you?" Michele asked.

"That's what she does," Lautner said. "She writes songs."

Before admitting that the song allegedly written about him is called "Back to December," he added that, "It's good music... I listen to it."

Of course, Stamos had to get in the game too, wedging his romance with Paula Abdul into the conversation and rehashing a rumor that "Cold Hearted" was written about him. He said that it's not.

Below, watch our archival video of Lea Michele talking about Sia in 2014: