August 29, 2016


Taylor Swift Has Jury Duty, And People Are Obsessed

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Update 4:30 PM ET 8/29/16: Swift is excused of duties.

OriginalTaylor Swift is serving jury duty in Nashville, and even though phones aren't allowed in courtrooms, there are photos online to prove it.

There's nothing that people love more than a celebrity performing a civilian duty, so Twitterers are having fun with this, dissecting the photos and postulating on their own fan theories.

For the most part, people are really impressed that a big star can take time out of her jet-setting career to sit in a claustrophobia-inducing court house:

Since Swift named one of her cats Detective Olivia Benson, she's probably into living out a little SVU drama.

For some fans, it's a dose of reality that Swift isn't hard at work on new music.

Although, others have their hypotheses about the true nature of the photos.

Look at her just sitting around the table, just taking in all the compliments.


What a day to be an American!