August 9, 2016


Here's Theophilus London Live-Tweeting from a Jail Cell

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Grey Goose
Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Grey Goose

Theophilus London says he was arrested on Monday night in New York after a dispute with a cab driver led him to flee into the West Village's IFC Theater. He was released a few hours later, but his tweets about the whole situation still live on his feed.

The singer-rapper/Kanye pal/Frank Ocean–teaser live-tweeted the entire fiasco from a jail cell, where he said he was taunted by another cellmate. He explained that he was on the way to see the Sharon Jones documentary at IFC, but when he tried to pay for his taxi with a $100 bill, his driver put up a fuss. London claimed that he then broke the driver's phone into 900 pieces and ran into the theater, unable to buy a ticket for the movie before police got to him. 

Here's Theophilus' retelling of the shenanigans:

Watch our 2013 Coachella chat with London below, where, coincidentally, he talks about Sharon Jones: