August 19, 2016


Timeflies: We’re in the ‘Best Place Musically We’ve Ever Been In’

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

“Something about the air in L.A. makes me want to be making music,” Timeflies’ Rob “Rez” Resnick tells Fuse. The pop duo moved out to the West Coast in the middle of their tour supporting their 2015 album Just For Fun, and although Resnick and Cal Shapiro are both East Coast guys, they say that they’ve found Los Angeles fruitful for the future of their partnership.

This spring, Timeflies received a warm response for the single “Once in a While,” with the idea of putting out a new song every month. That plan has changed, but the duo says that they have a “bunch of new music,” and that the next track will be out in a few weeks.

“We’ve been in the best place musically that we’ve ever been in,” says Shapiro. “I think fans are going to come to expect this next-level production from Rez, and really honest music that documents where we are in our lives.”

This weekend, Timeflies will head back to the New York area for Billboard’s Hot 100 Fest, hitting the main stage alongside artists like Ariana Grande, Calvin Harris and J. Cole. For Shapiro and Resnick, the gig is a precursor to an ambitious tour in support of their upcoming music.

“We’re sharing the stage with a lot of our favorite artists right now,” says Resnick of Hot 100 Fest. “We’ve been eager to get back out on the road—our next tour is going to be really ridiculous, and we can’t wait to show fans how honest the new music will be.”

Watch this throwback chat with Timeflies below: