August 11, 2016


Vin Diesel Hints At 'Fast 8' Drama: 'I Will Tell You Everything'


The heat is rising in the Fast 8 drama. After The Rock claimed that some of his male co-stars were "candy asses" during filming, people figured out that he was shading Vin Diesel. Well, now Diesel is coming back with a kill-'em-with-kindness sort of vibe.

Diesel shared an Instagram post, explaining how he is finally returning home after filming for seven straight months, and that his daughter, Pauline (named after Paul Walker), learned the word "happy." The actor then explained, in a sheepishly large smile, that "happy" best describes his life at the moment.

Of course, then he got more cryptic, insinuating that he's got stories to tell: "I will tell you everything." So juicy!

Some people are speculating that the Diesel/Rock beef is publicity for Fast 8, but who knows? The Rock managed to announce the new show he's executive-producing for Fuse, Clash of the Corps, without any drama.

P.S. Clash of the Corps premieres on Wednesday, October 5 at 11/10c, so make sure you check your channels and figure out how to peep it!