August 3, 2016


Watch Will Smith Lead a ‘Summertime’ Sing-Along on ‘Stephen Colbert’

Will Smith has been promoting the heck out of Suicide Squad, and what better way to make headlines than to perform a crowd-pleasing throwback jam on national television? Smith did just that on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert when he busted out “Summertime” for the studio audience.

In fact, Smith wasn’t supposed to perform the song—Colbert’s house band started playing the Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff classic as the show cut to commercial break. Smith dutifully stood up and grabbed a mic to… well, you know. Look, you can’t blame him, it’s August!

Suicide Squad is out this Friday. Click here to watch Smith perform “Summertime” during his daughter Willow Smith’s set at the Roots Picnic in June.