August 19, 2016


'Zoom' Trailer: Watch Comic Book Characters Come to Life

We've all wished for our favorite comic books to transform into the real world at some point, but the trailer for the upcoming Zoom movie makes the experience more strange than fun. It stars Alison Pill as Emma, a sex doll manufacturer and cartoonist at night, who draws a colorful comic about a film director named Edward (played by Gael García Bernal).

In the trailer, Emma decides to erase Edward's manhood, which then spirals into a meta Inception-like thriller where the comic world and reality collide. Cocaine hidden in dumbbells, a drug dealer, colorful pop art and the goofy Tyler Labine are also thrown into the wild adventure.

Zoom (directed by Pedro Morelli) will hit theaters on Sept. 2. But before that, watch our interview with popular cartoonist Tom Neely below: