September 12, 2016


2PM Return With Lovelorn 'Promise (I'll Be)': Watch

Almost like clockwork, K-pop fans have come to expect an annual album from 2PM full of slick, R&B-inspired pop. The guys don't disappoint with their latest "Promise (I'll Be)," which leads off their new album Gentlemen's Game.

The new song opens with a tender piano backing the band's breathy croons, before a pulsating synth and horn blasts barge into the picture. The fast-paced production is reminiscent of the recent solo single by 2PM member Jun. K, "Think About You"... which isn't a bad thing, as the 28-year-old had one of K-pop's best solo releases of 2016 to date.

The accompanying music video pairs nicely with the production, as scenes of the 2PM dudes getting close with a female love interest are spliced with solo shots of them frustrated and pining for their love. While most 2PM videos feature loads of oh-so-polished group choreography, "Promise (I'll Be)" is different for only showcasing one member break it down at a time. 

"Promise (I'll Be)" leads off Gentlemen's Game, 2PM's sixth Korean album. While the lead single features lyrics written by Taecyeon, several members were involved in both the writing and production for the LP. Most notably, both Chansung and Wooyoung were involved in writing and composing different songs, including Chansung writing "Uneasy" on his own while Wooyoung penning and co-producing "Giv u Class." Listen to a medley of the album here:

Then watch 2PM's label mate DAY6 talk about their first performance in New York right here: