September 30, 2016


Watch 30 Seconds to Mars' Magical 'Camp Mars' Trailer

Jared Leto gets wistful in the recently dropped trailer for 30 Seconds to Mars' Camp Mars: The Concert Film documentary. The band's movie details a three-day camping trip they host for fans.

"I know that campers have a great time here, but Shannon, Tomo and I have an incredible time here as well," Leto says in the trailer, which shows people coming from around the world to see their favorite band play, along with taking part in other activities.

"Who has something like this, who has a camp like this? No one else does. It's a really beautiful gift," another person says.

Camp Mars was where Leto answered fan questions, including the infamous discussion where he said "fuck 'em" about his contract with Warner Bros., who allegedly restricted him from rock climbing, his favorite hobby. He was also very open about his disappointment with the end product of Suicide Squad at 2016's Camp Mars. Perhaps we'll see some of that Q&A in the doc?

The documentary premieres Oct. 9 at 12 p.m. You can download or stream the film on VyRT, a platform that Leto founded in 2011.

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