September 28, 2016


Alec Baldwin Joins ‘SNL’ as Donald Trump, All Season Long

Alec Baldwin is already Saturday Night Live’s record-holding guest host, and now, he’s their mock Republican nominee. The former 30 Rock star has joined SNL as their official Donald Trump impersonator, and sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that he’ll play the part all season long.

Expect Baldwin to pop up on the Oct. 1 premiere, which follows the most-watched presidential debate in history between Trump and Hillary Clinton. Depending on the election results, Baldwin could be playing Trump well into the spring… or until he stops dominating the news cycle, in November.

Taran Killiam was the last cast member to portray Trump, but departed the show after last season. Darrell Hammond played Trump as a regular guest last season.

SNL will kick off its season on Saturday with host Margot Robbie and musical guest The Weeknd. Trump, of course, hosted Saturday Night Live last November, long before he was the presumptive Republican nominee.