September 2, 2016


Anthony Green Discusses Writing About the F-cked-Up Parts of Marriage

The best songs are about falling in love or breaking up... but what if you're a songwriter that has already fallen in love, had three children (with one on the way) and has no plans of breaking up, ever?

That's what Anthony Green is facing in his new album, Pixie Queen, out Sept. 9. The singer stopped by Fuse to tell us about writing about his relationship, while deeply in it. 

"There were some songs that were written off the cuff of [my wife] yelling at me for not managing my time," the Saosin and Circa Survive singer said about creating his album based off the tough parts of marriage. "So the record sounds a little sad."

Green is going out on tour, starting this Friday. The tour includes a fan VIP experience where Anthony plays a short acoustic set before doors open for the big show. Get tickets here.

Check out this throwback interview with Green from 2012:

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