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12 Most Anti-Climactic Moments of Summer 2016

From albums that didn't drop to comebacks that weren't comebacks, we had our hopes high for the summer

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My Chemical Romance's mysterious video

When My Chemical Romance released a video with an acoustic piano playing "Black Parade," it led many to believe that the band might be reuniting. However, MCR quickly debunked the rumor, explaining that they'd only be dropping special edition of The Black Parade on Sept. 23 for its 10th anniversary.

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Fergie's return

Don't get me wrong, I'm all about Fergie's return to music. Many of us are ready for Double Dutchess, the follow-up to 2006's The Dutchess, but her first single dropped at an in-opportune time. After everyone left town for the weekend, Fergie delivered the bizarrely beautiful, star-studded "M.I.L.F. $" video, and no one was really around to see it.

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Britney Spears' second-version video

Britney Spears' "Make Me..." video was one of the most anticipated visuals of the year, and fans had already gotten their paws on leaked versions of the video. But when the final product didn't match up with the holiness they had previously seen, Spears stans were up in arms about the lackluster clip.

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Frank Ocean's livestream

Frank Ocean

Finally, after years of waiting, it appeared like we weren't going to get actual music from Frank Ocean when he announced a live stream. Unfortunately, that livestream showed us an anti-climactic carpentry session of Ocean building a birdhouse.

However, this moment climaxed when O finally released Blonde, so I guess it was worth the build-up all along.

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Adele crushing our Super Bowl dream

As rumors swept the internet about Adele possibly playing the Super Bowl Half-time Show, the British singer quickly shut that idea down in concert. Shortly after, the NFL claimed they never reached out to her to begin with. Well, damn!

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The Apple unveiling

LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 03:  The Apple logo is displayed on the back of an iPhone on August 3, 2016 in London, England.  (Ph
Carl Court/Getty Images

The thing about all Apple events is that most of the info is leaked before the unveiling. So when iPhone lovers awaited news from the product launch, they already know they were getting wireless headphones and a waterproof phone.

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When Hillary Clinton announced her runningmate

PHILADELPHIA, PA - JULY 28:  Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton delivers remarks during the fourth day of the
Paul Morigi/WireImage

We had a long list of prospective running mates for Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Elizabeth Warren was at the top of them. It would have been a feminist dream! Clinton went with Viriginia Senator Tim Kaine instead.

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Janet Jackson's postponed tour dates

We were supposed to be rocking all summer to Janet Jackson's Unbreakable World Tour, but in April, she announced that she'd postpone tour dates once again. It was unfortunate for fans, but most of us understood when she said that she wanted to focus on planning a family.

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'Game of Thrones' postponement

Macall B. Polay/courtesy of HBO

Oh, man! As summer arrived, it closed the gap between now and the premiere of Game of Thrones in April, but in July, HBO announced that we wouldn't be getting Season 7 of the beloved show until later... like, not until next summer. And, to top off the sadness, they revealed that the season will be only be seven episodes.

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'Suicide Squad's' flop

If there ever was a hyped-up movie eyeing to be a summer blockbuster, it was Suicide Squad. Despite months and months of lead-up, critics and movie-goers alike claimed the film fell short. Still, the movie is one of the highest-grossing of all time, so I guess it wasn't a complete loss for the studio.

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Keri Hilson shutting down album rumors

Rumors floated around that Keri Hilson was about to make her comeback by releasing her first album since 2010's No Boys Allowed. As Twitter circulated the rumor that L.I.A.R. (an acronym for Love Is a Religion) would be dropping soon, Hilson put those thoughts to rest by tweeting, "it's just not ready."

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Iggy Azalea's absent album

Iggy Azalea seemed like she was heading in the right direction with the pump-up squad jam "Team." And even though I didn't quite understand the music video, I wanted to see more. But as we await her album, Digital Distortion, announced all the way back in 2015, it's nowhere to be seen.

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