September 7, 2016


Apple Announces 'Super Mario Run' iPhone Game, 'Pokémon GO' for Apple Watch

Carl Court/Getty Images
Carl Court/Getty Images

(Update #4, 2:30pm): The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will now include stereo speakers on the top and bottom of the device, and the new EarPods will be powered through Lightning port. So say goodbye to the analog headphone jack. If you still have an analog phone, Apple will include a free adapter in the box. 

They also unveiled the AirPods, a new design of headphones that are completely wireless and has a battery and charger built within its case. If that wasn't enough, the new phones boast the longest battery life ever found in an iPhone.

(Update #3, 2:15pm): Calling the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus the "best phone they ever created," Apple revealed it will come in these finishes: glossy black, matte black, gold, silver and rose gold. For those clumsy folks, the new phones are also water and dust resistant. The updated now will now produce sharper images with better lighting, and the camera features optimal image stabilization as well as a flicker sensor.

(Update #2, 1:45pm): Good news, Pokémon Go lovers! The game will be coming to the Apple Watch soon. Niantic Labs made the announcement, and it will allow users to see things like how far they need to walk to hatch an egg and details about their fitness.

(Update #1, 1:25pm): Apple's presentation is officially underway (watch here), and the first cool thing they revealed is Nintendo’s first official mobile game that's coming to iOS—Super Mario Run. Video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto made the announcement, and there is no set release date or price for the game as of now.

(Original Story, 9/7 at 12pm): Apple's got a big presentation today at 1 p.m. EST, and with it will come a new iPhone—predicted to be the official jump to the title of iPhone 7—and one of the biggest changes since the product debuted in 2007.

A preponderance of tech blogs and general news sources are reporting that the new iPhone will be the first of the post–headphone jack era, instead using headphones—possibly wireless ones—through the device's existing Lightning port, a.k.a. the one you use to charge or sync.

Farewell, aux cord DJs.

"A standard element of technology that can be traced back to 1878 and the invention of the manual telephone exchange, the jack is apparently going the way of the floppy disk and the folding map," the New York Times writes.

Fast Company recently had an Apple insider tell them that the iPhone 7 "will also leverage a new noise-canceling technology" aimed to "help remove background noise in music playback and in phone calls."

Stay tuned to Fuse for updates once the official Apple presentation begins.