September 16, 2016


‘Bastards’ Trailer: Owen Wilson & Ed Helms Try to Find Dad

What if you found out that your dad…wasn’t really your dad? What if you found out that your dad…might be Terry Bradshaw? Or Academy Award winner J.K. Simmons, but not actually J.K. Simmons but an angry guy played by J.K. Simmons? These questions and more are asked in the first trailer for Bastards, starring Owen Wilson and Ed Helms.

The wedding crasher and Hangover-er are told by their mom, played by Glenn Close, that their father isn’t dead—he’s just unknown! So the brothers set off to track down their dad, because apparently they don’t have jobs and enjoy older men talking about their mother crassly. And almost getting hit by a train!

Bastards, co-starring Katt Williams in a bit that looks pretty problematic based on the trailer, is due out Jan. 27, 2017. Click here to read about the trailer that just broke the 24-hour views record this week.