September 26, 2016


New Beck Song 'Up All Night' Is Hella Catchy

Phil Bourne/Redferns
Phil Bourne/Redferns

Beck's latest offering from his upcoming album is an incredibly catchy pop track, following in the footsteps of "Dreams," the upbeat track he released in 2015. "Up All Night" made its way online on Monday, and it features that blur of production we're used to from the quirky music guru.

"Hands up in the air, like you don't really care," Beck sings in the swift chorus, followed by the urgent strums of an acoustic guitar and the frenzied yelps of an orchestra. It's not quite the hip-hop-influenced weirdo track, "Wow," which has ventured into commercials and football stadiums, but it's even more radio-friendly. In fact, Rolling Stone describes Beck as "the one-time folksy singer-songwriter goes full blown Timberlake."

I'm not sure about that, but "Up All Night" is full of hooks, that's for sure. Perhaps working with Lady Gaga has rubbed off on him?

The New York Times says Beck's album is coming in November.

Watch a throwback video in which Beck talks about his album Guero: