September 23, 2016


Bill Hader Joins ‘Power Rangers’ Movie as Alpha 5

“Aye-yi-yi!” you might enthusiastically yell when you hear this news: Bill Hader is officially onboard the Power Rangers big-screen reboot. The former SNL star will be voicing the wacky robot Alpha 5.

“Who is Alpha 5?” you may ask, as if the mechanical comic relief has not already endeared itself to the fabric of American pop culture. Alpha 5 is the right-hand robot of giant floating head Zordon, who advises the Rangers. Alpha 5 is skittish, zany and upstanding; Alpha 5 is bae.

Hader joins a Power Rangers cast that includes Bryan Cranston as that aforementioned floating head, Zordon, and Elizabeth Banks as the sinister Rita Repulsa. A cast of relative newcomers will play the Rangers themselves.

Power Rangers is out March 24, 2017. Fun fact to send you on your way: Bill Hader also voiced BB-8 in Star Wars: The Force Awakens!