September 21, 2016


Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' Returns for Netflix Skit: Watch

Late last month it was announced that Bill Nye "The Science Guy" would be getting a new show on Netflix in 2017 titled Bill Nye Saves the World that would examine science and its impact on society and pop culture. Today, we get a new skit from the beloved science man from Netflix that shows he hasn't lot an ounce of wit since the '90s.

Watch above as Bill explains how binge watching can help your brain in a segment called Real-ish Science With Bill Nye. In the clip, he brings his signature zaniness and tells viewers to "go hook themselves" on a new show. 

It's not clear whether or not this is foreshadowing anything from Bill Nye Saves the World, but it does prove that the world's favorite nerd still has his signature sass and maybe there will be some more mature jokes for the now-adult audience who grew up watching him in school.

Before the Science Guy officially returns to your screen in 2017, check out the must-see television coming before 2016 ends right here. And if Bill's got you nostalgic for the '90s, watch Boys Meets World star Rider Strong explain why the show he grew up on remains so loved: