September 7, 2016


Watch Britney Spears and Ellen Take Over a Mall, Buy Brit's First Suit

Ellen came back for its 14th season on Tuesday, and already on day two, the inimitable DeGeneres is wreaking havoc with Britney Spears in a mall. Watch the super-sized segment above: Ellen regally announces herself and Britney as celebrities many, many times; Ellen gets Britney to shoplift, consequence-free, in the name of celebrity... after getting her to run a stop sign on the way there.

As the mall starts to catch on to the stars' presence, Ellen takes a minute to teach impressionable children the importance of money and fame. She even pulls the "do you know who I am?" card with young children in the form of a casually dropped "I'm Dory."

Britney's recently been spotted slaying at the VMAs and dropping her ninth studio album, Glory.

Listen to Fuse's Pop Chat podcast talk Britney Spears' return in the episode below: