September 16, 2016


Camila Cabello Shares Powerful Essay on Immigrating to America

Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images
Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images

Further proving why she and her Fifth Harmony bandmates more than deserve their spot in the future of Hispanic Heritage Month, Camila Cabello wrote a moving piece about her and her family's experiences immigrating to America.

Over at PopSugar, the 19-year-old Cuba native shared how her family moved between Cuba to Mexico, only for her and her mother to make the move across the border with her dad joining them at a later date. 

Some of the more poignant moments include a detailed description of what it's like waiting for permission to enter the States: 

"After she sat down with the immigration officer in a tiny office, we and a bunch of people from other countries with similar hopes were placed in rooms with tiny beds in them, a hotel full of these rooms. It was me and my mom and two other families in a little room waiting for somebody to come in and let us know if we were going to be granted permission to enter the US or be sent back. Some people spent days there, some spent weeks in agonizing anxiety over what the answer would be."

Elsewhere, she touches on how immigrants can struggle to find work they're more than suited for:

"My mom was a very good architect in Cuba, but when she came to America none of the degrees she earned in Cuba counted, so to make enough to keep us fed and put me into school she began stacking shoes in Marshalls and going to school at night to take courses in English, all while taking me to and from school and helping me with my homework all by herself, alone in a strange country. I can't imagine how frustrating it must have been for her to have worked her whole life in architecture and then have it all erased when she came here."

In an election year when immigrant issues are one of the hottest and most controversial topics, Cabello sharing something as powerful as this essay with her younger-skewing fanbase is not only important in opening their eyes, but in hopefully getting them out to vote for the right people to get elected to office.

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